Appliance Repair Service In Miami

Same-day Kitchen And Laundry Appliance Repair Service In Miami,FL

Nowadays there are hundreds of appliance brands and models available in the market which makes for a lot of possible problems when they break down. But the question arises here is that is it really easy or possible to find someone who is trained as well as experienced in fixing all kinds and brands of appliance failures? And the answer is YES and we feel immensely proud to inform you that you have already found the expert for all appliance services, here at Leo Appliance Repair.Our technicians are highly trained and experienced when it comes to fixing all major home appliances. We have been working in the industry for decades and have seen and fixed all kinds of appliance problems no matter what brand, model or malfunction is.

Is your Whirlpool washer leaking water onto the floor or your refrigerator suddenly stopped getting cold inside? Whatever problem you are facing related to your home appliance, we have the solution be it fixing or repairing the damaged appliance. We always aim to provide Miami’s fastest and the most affordable appliance service. We try our best to back our work with 5 star customer service. You will get the following benefits if you choose us over other service providers:

Appliance services we offer in MIAMI,Florida

Over the years we have heard from a no. of customers who are trying hard to find a reputable company who services their model. There are many different service providers available in the market but unfortunately not all of them work on all brands and models.But this is not the scenario when dealing with us. We feel proud to put our customers at ease by offering service for all brands and models.Facing any problem with your appliance, we are just a call away. Give us a call and we will be there to serve you in a matter of a few minutes.

Here are some of the most popular appliance services we offer :-

We understand that every appliance failure is an inconvenience but there is a legitimate emergency if your refrigerator breaks down. You need to get it repaired asap to put your chilled goods before they go off. It can be a two minute job or may require a longer time – you can always rely on us no matter what the issue is.

We are trained to fix all refrigerator, freezer or ice maker issues:-

● Refrigerator not cooling properly.
● Replacement of doors and handles
● Interior lights not working
● Replacement of door hinges
● Refrigerator runs constantly
● Faulty thermostats
● Ice maker not working

Just don’t let the stress of a broken fridge get in your way. Call us immediately.

It is always a stressful situation having to go without an essential household appliance like a dishwasher. A sudden dishwasher failure may leave you scrubbing items by hand in the sink which can be cumbersome. We offer fast and the most affordable fixing of all dishwasher brands and kinds of breakdowns.

Give us a call or schedule an online service for the following kinds of failures:-

● Leaking dishwasher
● Dishwasher not starting
● Dishwasher not completing full cycle
● Water not entering the machine
● Dishwasher doesn’t drain
● Unknown error message displays on screen
● Noisy dishwashe

It is bitterly interesting to note that cooking appliances always seem to break at the wrong time i.e. at the time of dinner. Generally appliances show signs of breaking down in advance and if you don’t give it proper notice, it could make it impossible to repair. So if your oven starts making any noise or if you are completely uncertain about the issue it is facing, call us right away and we will get it fixed. With our range and oven repair service, get back to your normal cooking routine as early as possible.

We fix the following kinds of issues with ovens/range/ cooktop :-

● Overheating in the oven
● Inability to maintain temperature
● Lack of heat on oven
● Broken knobs
● Electric ranges turning on without prompting
● Range burner won’t light
● Cooktop not turning on.

We service the following oven brands and many more.
AEG, Amana, Ariston, Baumatic, Beko, Blanco, Bosch, Chef, DeLonghi,
Electrolux, Euromaid, GE, Hoover, Jenn-Air, Kleenmaid, Lemair, LG, Maytag,
Omega, Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens, Simpson, Speed Queen, Technika,
Westinghouse, Whirlpool, and more

It is interesting to note that you don’t realize how much laundry you go through until your washer or dryer breaks down. We understand that after spending your whole day hustling between office and family, you do not want to spend your evening dealing with a broken dryer or washer. Following are the common dryer repair issues that we come across on an almost daily basis:-

● Dryer is making really loud noises.
● Dryer does not start at all.
● Dryer does not heat.
● Clothes take too long to dry
● Dryer stops before end of the cycle
● Dryer has come away from the wall
● Washer leaking water
● Washer won’t spin
● Detergent does not dispense
● Wearing out of parts. Since washers deal with loads of laundry that becomes heavy when drenched, parts can wear out after a decent amount of use. This may lead to a broken impeller, drain pump, door or closing latch. In some of the case, the dials break or get out of line, causing you to pick the wrong setting

Following are the parts of the dryer we replace:-
● Drum and tub
● Belt
● Filter
● Switch
● Circuit board and timer
● Heating element
● Thermostat
● Gasket and seal
● Sensor and thermistor
● Knob, dial and button
● Fuse, thermal fuse and breaker

Our professionals ensure to handle every repair issue in real time no matter the dryer brand you have and the malfunctions it has. We assure our customers of fast problem solving solutions. Also we offer repair on location services which
saves you the cost of transporting your appliance to our repair shop. We ensure that if your dryer can be repaired for good, we offer necessary services. We also advise you on the kind of dryer that will serve you the best.